Our community

We’ve assembled a curated community of like-minded individuals
that have something in common and are passionate about…

Technology & self development

Exchange of knowledge & ideas

Helping others to grow

Diversity & inclusion in tech

We connect people on a personal level through:

  • Events and Knowledge Sharing Sessions
    Ampair is a vibrant hub for events. We often gather, socialise
    and discuss various topics.
  • Slack Channel
    Ampair’s community channel on slack is our family and friends to go to
    for our everyday communication, comprising of mentors and mentees,
    and anyone who became a member of the community.
  • Access to the Ampair knowledge base
    Our hub is made of professionals from diverse backgrounds, needed to build
    a tech company, that are open and happy for a quick chat over a good coffee.
  • Referral Program for Role Models
    If you know a person that would make a great mentor, don’t keep it to yourself -
    recommend them to join the Ampair community!

What makes us stand out?

  • We bring the human interaction element back to the world dominated by online education.
  • We believe that everyone has something to share and something to learn, and we are building
    a community for knowledge exchange, where everyone can become a mentor and a mentee.
  • We emphasise quality. Life is too short to be average.
  • We build a curated community based on honesty and dedication to continuous development.
  • We aim to connect different tech hubs to facilitate knowledge exchange between individuals.


Contact Karo Hajduk with any questions you might have concerning Ampair.