For Companies & Partners

We believe in the power of diversity, knowledge sharing and synergies.

We collaborate with quality partners of diverse business backgrounds
and sizes that are aligned with these beliefs and want to tap into a tech
community of experts and high potentials.

Why to partner with Ampair?

Solve Your Talent Shortage Problem

If your team rely on tech skills, it’s quite likely that you have been struggling
with hiring. Recruitment agencies and new quirky hiring solutions promise
o help but rarely deliver due to the prevailing talent shortage.

Ampair offers the real and only solution to this problem. Our high potential
mentees are your future next hires. You can shape their development by
appointing your seniors as Ampair mentors and assign them to work in pairs
on the projects relevant to your business.

Grow Your Seniors Into Managers

Implementing an in-house management development program is often a luxury,
especially for those channeling their business resources elsewhere.

Assign your seniors to become Ampair’s mentors and put them to the test before
promoting them to managerial roles. They will learn how to manage juniors -
break down projects into SMART goals, coordinate, assign tasks and give feedback.

Keep your finger on the pulse, stay relevant

Focusing on the core of your business is always a priority but, with an average
human knowledge is doubling every 13 months, you risk growing stale.
According to IBM, the spread of the “internet of things” will lead to the doubling
of knowledge every 12 hours.

Joining Ampair’s Community of experts tech makers will expose you first-hand
to cutting edge technologies and know-how, open a widow for inspiration and
help you to remain relevant in the digitized world.

Shape a better Future

Companies have a responsibility to improve society. On the one hand, Ampair
provides you with measurable benefits - access to a pool of high quality talent
and a development bootcamp for your managers.

On the other hand, joining means helping juniors and career changers
to improve their situations and land a job that will make them happy.
A win-win solution for every member of the community, improving our society.

How to get involved?

Contact Karo Hajduk with any questions you might have concerning Ampair.