A peer-to-peer mentoring program for people in tech

We help people connect and share knowledge and ideas, while growing the talent in tech community and promoting diversity and inclusion.

This batch is already full, but keep ’dem applications coming for the next round!

How does Ampair work?


Pick the mentor that matches best what you want to learn. Be clear on why you are applying and fill the form.

Pair Up

Ampair is based on one-to-one mentoring. If selected, you will get a chance to meet, chat and get to know your mentor before officially starting the program.

Work on a project

The mentoring is based on a project that you define together with your mentor and that lasts for 3 months. Twice a month, you meet to track your progress and get feedback on your work.

What do we stand for?

Everyone has something to learn and something to teach. Ampair’s long-term vision is to become the knowledge exchange platform for the tech community, where everyone can be a mentor and a mentee at the same time.


Knowledge Transfer


Growing Talents



Contact Karo Hajduk with any questions you might have concerning Ampair.