Adrin Jalali

Senior Data Science Consultant

Ancud-IT Beratung

I grew up in Iran, where I did my bachelors and masters in computer science/bioinformatics. After a while of being in the industry I moved to Vancouver, Canada to do a PhD, and then I moved to Germany to finish it at a Max Planck Institute in a small town called Saarbruecken. That PhD is yet to be defended (:P)! Then I moved to Berlin in 2016 and I've been working as a data science consultant ever since.

During the past few years Python has become my favourite language and I spend almost all of my coding time in that environment, from the moment I touch the data to the point I serve the model in real-time. It's not always the best choice if performance matters, but that's when cython becomes handy.

On the side, I co-organize PyData Berlin with the other co-organizers, and spend a lot of time contributing to scikit-learn as a core developer. Another hobby of mine is [left wing] economy and that motivates me to work on bias mitigation tools and algorithms in the ML scene. Recently, I've been trying to make it easier for people to mitigate bias in their algorithms by maintaining aif360-learn, a scikit-learn compatible bias mitigation library.