Alex Kukharenko

UI/UX Designer


My name is Alex, I am a Ukrainian designer working at eBay Inc.

3 years ago, I moved to Berlin to work for a couple of projects, the last being Quandoo and eBay-Kleinanzeigen. My main speciality is designing for mobile apps and web platforms.

Apart from my day job, I have an entrepreneurial soul - I launched, failed and learned a lot. It has had a big influence on my design approach - it's better to prototype things early.

I can guide and support you to design or ship projects, whether it is a portfolio's demo or real MVP (minimum viable product). My areas of expertise are Visual design, for mobile and web, as well as style guides; Prototyping, rapid and advanced interactions; and UX, including customer journey mapping, gorilla testing, usability testing and interviews.

In my spare time, I love reading, traveling and ... trying to have some digital detox :)