Andrei Glazunov

Frontend Engineer


Hi! I’m Andrei, a frontend engineer at WATTx.

I'm striving for readable and clean code, one that follows best practices. However, when coding for too long I tend to lose track of time and space. That's why I'm working on frontend, where I can occasionally switch to other tasks, such as thinking through user interactions or styling components.

I can help you with understanding JavaScript, either on a more basic or a deeper level, ES6, webpack, React, Redux and CSS preprocessors. I can also advise you on things that naturally belong to the software and frontend development processes, such as optimizing your development workflow, the refactoring process, as well as user interaction and accessibility concerns. I also would be glad to help you with d3.js data visualizations.

I'm constantly learning and trying new things myself.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time together with my girlfriend, hiking, cycling and sailing, diy projects, and making my lifestyle more sustainable.