Blake Yang

Software Developer



My name is Blake, and I am a backend engineer at WATTx.

Originally, I am from Taiwan. My theoretical background is computer science and I have been working as a software developer in different companies for many years now. Before moving to Berlin in 2017, I lived and worked in Taipei and Beijing.

For me, it’s always fascinating to see how technology can help or change people’s life - whether I’m creating or only using it.

I can support you with knowledge of programming (Golang, Python, Java and bash script), as well as container and project management that make up the foundation for your idea. If you want to step into the developer’s field, I can also help you to narrow down the gap of transition.

Outside of work, I like traveling, music, and food. I think those three make a wonderful combination of life. To me, going to new places, explore them by foot and making new friends, feels like creating a connection there.