Dat Tran

Head of Data


Hey, I am Dat and am currently co-heading the data team at idealo.de, where I lead a team of data scientists and data engineers. My focus is to turn idealo into a machine learning powerhouse.

My research interests are diverse; from traditional machine learning to deep learning. Previously, I’ve worked for Pivotal Labs and Accenture, and have been a regular speaker that has presented at PyData and Cloud Foundry Summit. I further enjoy blogging about my work on Medium. With a background in Operations Research and Econometrics, I have received my MSc in Economics from Humboldt University of Berlin.

I want to be a mentor so that I can give something back to the community. I had great mentors in my past and doing this will give me a chance to do the same for the future tech rock stars of tomorrow :) I can support you in the following fields: machine learning, deep learning, data science, big data, distributed computing, leadership, tdd, agile practices, lean startup, and software engineering practices.