Dr. Alexander Weiss

Engineering Manager (Machine Learning)


My name’s Alexander, and I was born and raised in Cologne. After my A-levels, I studied math (minors: economy and CS) at TU Darmstadt, TU Kaiserslautern, and NU Singapore, and crowned my academic career with a Ph.D. in applied probability theory at TU Berlin.

My main job is being a father of two. In my free time, I have worked in startups for the last seven years (adtech, ecommerce). In this time, I moved from a lonely data scientist via a hands-on team lead to a full-time manager. Before, I had collected ~1.5 years of corporate experience at (re-)insurance companies.

In my remaining time, I'm mainly interested in feminism and German hip-hop. I also like to contribute to the community: I ran a pretty successful meetup (Algorithms & Data Challenges Berlin) for several years, and am a founding member (and silent supporter) of DSSG Berlin.

Enabling people to achieve more than they would have expected from themselves has become my passion in the last years. I do it on a daily basis in my role as a manager; I'd like to invest even more time as a mentor of this program, specifically in the fields of Data Science (mainly bread and butter approaches, less the fancy stuff); as well as Leadership and Management (challenges of ML and analytics in an engineering environment).