Galina Panina

Public Speaking Skills Coach

Freelance/ Galina Panina

I’m Galina, a Professional PR consultant for 15 years, who now incorporates all experience in the communication sphere into own programs for development of public speaking skills. I have been a Keynote speaker in a number of international conference across continents - from London to Kuala Lumpur, via Vienna and Geneva.

Nowadays, strong communication skills are a competitive advantage. The ability to attract and hold the positive attention of your consumer is no less important than the quality of a product. Due to digital media mind change, people are more critical about marketing tools. We live in a time, where talented and gifted speakers can sell their service without spending a dime on promotion; where your passion about your product is more important than the number of spelling mistakes in your text. It’s the perfect time for this talent.

I combine best practices of psychology, neurobiology and meditation, helping others becoming better public speakers. And I have been polishing my techniques for 5 years. I grow not at the expense of my students - I speak myself, make mistakes, get into situations and learn. It helps me not only to teach, but to understand my clients’ fears and needs.

I will not suggest to eliminate your flaws but to find your strengths and develop those. To understand your behavior in crises and use this knowledge for the future. To structure your thoughts in a way that your listeners will actually listen, rather than hear.

So, if you are looking for a boxer, who fights herself, a trainer who trains herself, a speaker who speaks not only during her training sessions - that’s me.

In particular, I can support you with public speaking skills training, preparation of speeches and speakers, emotional intelligence training, leadership program development.