Güven Soydan

Head of Product


Hi, I’m Güven, a product person and since day one have been excited about building things: from the tiniest of conveniences to the most complicated platforms. The achievement is obviously the product that is created that helps other people. But there's something deeper, stronger within the process of building a profit generating product and that is collaboration. Being involved in other people's ways of thinking, speaking, working. Becoming something bigger than what we all are as individuals. That is the beauty of collaborative labour. I think that's what drives me overall in life. The elevation from understanding what makes other people tick. I can't make art but I like to think that I'm a great consumer of it. When I grow up, I want to be someone that understands why there is so many "I tried and it worked, so you should do it, too, and if you don't, you are probably doing it wrong!" themed Medium.com articles.

I'd like to offer the help that I could not easily find around me when I needed it. My areas of expertise entail Product Management, People Management, Performance Marketing, Media Planning, Adtech, and Marketplaces.