Linda Schuster

Head of Operations


I’m Linda, the Head of Operations of Rasa, where I am responsible for making sure that the right processes exist and the company scales in a healthy way. Amongst other things, I am responsible for finance, legal, B2B customer operations and HR.

Before joining Rasa, I was an entrepreneur and founded an event agency - that still runs quite successfully - and another startup that wasn't successful at all. So I can also tell you about the things to better avoid.

I have a background in linguistics and digital health and am super passionate about how technology can change the way we live. Also, I am constantly trying to convince everyone that Moabit is the greatest place on earth. Unfortunately, until now I haven't been too successful with this mission.

Working in a startup environment is challenging, more so if you haven't done it before. Especially in the broad field of operations, I noticed that it's hard to find people to talk to about experiences since many are either super specialised or just executing, without seeing the holistic picture. That's why I'd like to help with operations (finance, HR, customer operations B2B, more broadly: how to scale a team up to 25 people), and digital health (business models, healthcare system in Germany).