Lucie Montel

Managing Director

Maschinenraum GmbH

After graduating in Applied Economics & International Relations, I started my career in a governmental agency in Paris, where I helped international tech companies connect & collaborate with French academia & research labs. In 2013 I moved to Berlin out of curiosity for the startup scene, and I have been working in a variety of roles building tech communities since: as an event manager, as the 1st employee of a startup coworking space in 2014 (ex-Rainmaking Loft), and then as Head of Community at Factory Berlin. I joined the Viessmann group in 2017 to build Maschinenraum, a home & platform for co-creation among deep tech startups and Mittelstand. I'm particularly interested in topics such as building communities, creating a positive company culture, and how to bring more women into leadership positions. I am also a big believer in giving first and in being authentic - always.

I wouldn't be where I am professionally without the precious support and advice of more experienced peers so the least I can do is to pay it forward. Besides I've had extremely positive experiences mentoring in the past and learnt a lot from it myself.