Maritza Bonano

Product Growth Manager


I’m Maritza, a Product Growth Manager who's been in the Berlin startup scene for more than 6 years. Mycareer has taken me from driving innovation at corporate environments, such as Deutsche Telekom and Axel Springer, to agile startups like Rocket Internet, N26 and now Contentful. My experience with B2B and B2C has deepened my data driven approach to product management, which I’m looking forward to sharing with the community.

I'd like to help develop the product management and growth practice among startups in Berlin. Many times, both the PM position and "growth management" have different meanings to different companies. I'd like to help shape these based on my experience across corporates and startups alike and also encourage the data driven mentality to help grow strong startups in Berlin.

I want to do this by supporting you in the following areas: Product management, Product led growth (conversion rate optimization, signup flows, onboarding, activation, retention...), Data driven product decisions, KPI definition, agile processes, user research, career management, self organizing & time efficiency, B2B & B2C.