Michele Dallachiesa

Lead Data Scientist

Minodes, a Telefónica NEXT company

I'm Michele, Lead Data Scientist at Minodes - A Telefónica NEXT Company, where I do in-store and out-of-store analytics for retail with WiFi and cellular network data. Serving also as Start-Up Chile mentor.

Previously Founder and CTO at Skysense Inc., a pioneering company in the field of autonomous charging stations for aerial robots. I am Start-Up Chile & Techstars Alumni, and I hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science, earned at the University of Trento for my research on processing data with uncertainty. As an intern, I visited the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center and the Qatar Computing Research Institute.

I am interested in, and can help with, framing and solving problems related to: data processing architectures, mining spatio-temporal data, designing systems, and shaping products.

I spent most of my life in Italy, enjoying periods abroad in Chile, US, Qatar, and now Berlin. I like exploring, hiking, traveling, photography, good food and wine.