Moa Ziegler

Software Developer


Hi, I am Moa, Software Developer at Snuk. I grew up in Bavaria and studied electrical engineering in Berlin. After my studies I moved to Karlsruhe where I spent 10 years, before moving back to my chosen hometown Berlin, 3 years ago. Since I am young, I play with linux and for the past 15 years, I’ve been creating linux distributions and software for embedded systems.
I love being unconventional and my biggest motivation (next to my kids) is figuring out hard problems and pushing my own limits (that counts for my private but also professional life). That is also why I worked next to my core competence in different fields, e.g. QA, testing, technical crisis management and system integration.

I identify myself as nonbinary (neither woman nor man) and my pronoun is they/them. I can also live with the others (so don't be afraid to misgender me), but they just don't fit that well :)

I’d now like to share my knowledge and support others (in embedded linux distribution - source based distributions; distributed systems - architecture and debugging; software development - golang; testing (integration, release), while at the same time meeting new diverse people in tech.