Noa Tamir

Director of Data Science

AUTO1 Group

I am Noa, and the Director of Data Science at AUTO1 Group. My background is in physics, economics, design and management. I draw on my diverse experience to identify and answer interesting questions using data and visualisation and ultimately fuel innovation management at AUTO1.

I count design, data, art, and geek culture amongst my hobbies, and I use them day to day to make my research, presentations and documentation approachable and interesting to wide audiences.

I am also passionate about making tech a more inclusive and diverse space. I co-organise R-Ladies Berlin, satRday Berlin 2019, and am a member of Forwards, The R Foundation's taskforce on women and other under-represented groups.

I'm happy to share my knowledge and my network, or just be a reviewer or listener to support individuals in their early career, near a pivot point in their career, or on a personal or open source project. I'm very grateful for the great mentors I had in my career and am happy to pay it forward to help others succeed. My areas of expertise are Data Science Careers, Open Source Communities, Data Science as a Business Function, Diversity and Inclusion in Tech, Product and Marketing Analytics, Data Modeling, and Experimental Design.