Robin Weiss

Lead Data Scientist


I am Robin, lead Data Scientist at Joblift. I have been living and working in Berlin for about 5 years now. Before that, I studied computer and communications systems engineering with a focus on speech recognition in the quite underrated city of Braunschweig. Recently, I made the transition to leading a team and am currently still learning a lot about the challenges of people management.

I can support you learning how to bring a data science project from ideation all the way to production on a cloud platform. Python is by far my favourite programming language and I would love to help you with getting some of the more advanced concepts down.

One slightly odd thing for a Data Scientist: I absolutely LOVE frontend development. Whenever I get to crack out ES6 & React for a small prototype web-app, my day just gets a little better.

By the way, I am really into any mind-bending scientific theory and spend a lot of time reading up on stuff like quantum physics or chaos theory. I have always wanted to start a side project where I can combine this with machine learning. Anyone keen?