Thomas Fortmann

UX Researcher


After having tried my entire life to move towards the sun, I ended up in Berlin after stints in the Netherlands and the UK. Despite the latitude, I'm very happy to call Berlin my home and to have joined WATTx last year.

My favourite snack is Kinder Bueno and my favourite breakfast food is pancakes. I wish I would appreciate art more and Netflix less. I almost exclusively read pocketed articles, but always bring a book when I go on vacation. My favourite thing to do is ride motorcycles, yet I sold mine years ago.

When I first tried to enter the field, coming from university, I found myself mostly being ignored or rejected without ever getting the chance to introduce myself. In addition, I had no clue what a real job in user experience is like.

I hope to be able to help you gain valuable experience that will help you become successful as a user researcher.

More specifically, I can support you in the following areas: User Testing - mobile, desktop, paper prototypes, or remote; Interviews - contextual, explorative, or observational; and Analyses - Collaborative and solo.