Viktoria Spokojna

UX Researcher


Hey there, my name’s Viktoria, mostly known as Vika. I am the WATTx problem-identifier and -solver (more commonly known as UX Strategist and Researcher).

Originally from Ukraine, I have lived in different places, including Hannover, Brighton (UK), and San Francisco; and am, for now, calling Berlin my home. Whenever Fernweh hits me though, I get out of town and travel to new and known places. Outside work, I enjoy reading and learning, and pretty much everything creative; from music, to sketching and drawing, to photography.

What I am actually good at and can support you with, is applying the Design Thinking mindset to a given topic area or an issue that was identified through User [Experience] Research .

Other than that, I’d love to exchange on topics around UX in general, women in tech, newest digital trends (#deeptech), and psychology.